My Quail

(Pictures at bottom of Text)

I have been raising quail almost as long as I have pheasants.  The first quail I raised were Coturnix quail way back in 1977.  I drove over a hundred miles to pick up 4 birds and 2 dozen eggs from a lady living near Antigonish, Noiva Scotia.  They were the first live quail I had ever seen. At that time Coturnix quail were all the rage, and Marsh Farms in the USA was world famous for their quail production.   I found my first Button quail about a year later. 


Since that time I have just about always had Coturnixs and Button quail . I have also at different times had or currently raise, Bobwhites (in 5 colors - only Mexican and White currently), Gambles (currently), Valley (currently), Mountain (previously - on order for 2012), Harquelin (previously - on order for 2012), Blue Scale (currently). 


I have Benson (Elgent) quail on order for 2012.  I have tried for many years to find them and just located some this fall.  Hoping the gentleman hatches next summer.